Time Spent Volunteering is Time Well Spent


Leo Rosten was an American humorist, writer, and specialist in Yiddish lexicography. I have no idea what “Yiddish lexicography” means, but he had a perspective on life that endears me. He viewed the purpose of life “to be productive, to be useful, to have it make some difference that you have lived at all."

We are busy people. Time is a valuable resource, particularly for young professionals still figuring out all the opportunities in life. But there is a difference between being busy and being active with purpose.

Something happens when we recognize our time as a resource. When we strive to make the most of our lives, time is a resource that can be used for good. This is why I volunteer.

I’m a fan of metaphors, so let me break it down this way. I may be given a pail of water. The water holds no value if I leave it in the pail to evaporate slowly. However, when I pour the water into a potted plant, by wisely using my resources, I’ve added value to the world and helped to grow something beautiful.

This is our time. Easily wasted if we aren’t careful.

I am consistently at fault with this. As a full-time professional and a full-time graduate student with a laundry list of community responsibilities, I always find myself saying I don’t have time. “I’m always busy.” And yet, I find time to brainlessly scroll through social media while watching The Office all the way through for the tenth time.

Everyone has time for the activities they prioritize. I prioritize volunteering with nonprofits because it is something that brings me joy and that makes me feel like my time is creating value in the world.

There is a natural draw for service-minded individuals to the nonprofit world - whether professionally or as a volunteer. Already, as a member of YNPN of OKC, you’ve shown a desire to get involved in this community and become a part of something much bigger than yourself.

Something I didn’t understand when I began volunteering for YNPN of OKC is that there are no full-time staff members. All coordination, communication, and implementation of programming is all thanks to volunteers. Your time and your expertise could be exactly what YNPN of OKC needs at this juncture. Pouring your time into a community of young professionals like this could be your chance to become a part of something bigger, to make a difference.

I get it. We’re busy people. But when we choose to dedicate our time to a larger purpose, we’re capable of instilling so much more value into this life.

To apply to serve on a volunteer committee for YNPN of OKC, click here.