5 Year Refresh

Ahh, YNPN of Oklahoma City, you’re old enough to go to Kindergarten now. Isn’t that weird to think about?

When I first came on as the Communications Manager in August, I had one goal in mind: give the chapter a design refresh and fix up the website. With lots of sketches, edits and some hairs getting pulled out, the logo is ready to be unveiled to all of you! Here it is:

Just kidding. This was one of the version we thought would be funny since we had a tiger-nado a few years ago.

Here’s the new and improved logo:

Although we’ll always love our roots and the logo from before, this one will be a little cleaner and sleeker for years to come. We may do another refresh soon, but we felt that 5 years was a pretty good time for us to start fresh and clean.

The website still has a few more edits that will be coming. Can you believe we have over 100 different organizations represented throughout YNPN members? There will be a page to showcase that and the different nonprofit sectors once we finish gathering that data.

Another thing we want to encourage is a conversation within our members! We’re thinking of setting up a FB group, LinkedIN group, Slack channel or anything else you guys may enjoy. Fill out this poll and let us know which platform you like best!