YNPN of OKC Member Meetups

YNPN of OKC members have so many varied interests, passions, hobbies and ideas, there's no WAY we could possibly organize enough programming to encompass them all!

So, based on feedback from YOU, our members, we've decided to facilitate small meetups. Whatever you want to do--volunteer together at an event, attend a show, host a book club, organize an informational coffee about an issue important to you--you can do it and invite other YNPN of OKC members! We'll help you publicize it.

And if you're looking to connect with other members and learn more about their passions outside of work, meetups are a great place to do that! Here's some more information!

How to host a Meetup

The organizer must be a current member of our chapter. (It’s not required that the co-organizer, speaker, hosting organization, etc. be a member, but why not encourage them to join!)

The organizer should complete the application form at least three weeks in advance. More notice will generally result in better attendance, so the earlier the better.

The YNPN of OKC board of directors will review your meetup application and make suggestions and request clarifications.
Meetups should not conflict with YNPN of OKC events, either in scheduling or content. Meetups are intended to appeal to subgroups of interest within our broader membership. If you have an idea for an event that would appeal to all of our members, please email us at ynpnofokc@gmail.com.

Meetups should be specifically organized for YNPN of OKC. (e.g. Inviting YNPN members to your monthly luncheon which is open to the public would not qualify as a meetup.) You can discuss the needs of your hosting organization, but meetups should never serve as a sales pitch for volunteers or donations.

Meetups cannot promote a specific political party or candidate, but you are welcome to discuss advocacy of issues relevant to nonprofits. Meetups must be open and welcoming to people of any ethnicity, sex, race, national origin, religious faith, and sexual orientation.

Approved meetups will have a Facebook event created by the Alternative Programming Coordinator. The organizer will be added as a co-host and can invite others to the event. The event description must provide contact information for the organizer so participants can RSVP and ask questions.

Meetups are intended for YNPN of OKC members and their guests. Non-members need to be invited by current members. It will not be possible to pay for membership at meetup events.

Example Meetups

Lunch or coffee with other professionals in your nonprofit subsector (performing arts, higher education, environmental issues, etc).

Gather a group to try out the Riversport Rapids whitewater rafting on a weekend.

Introduce members to your nonprofit with a tour and then a small-group discussion of an issue relevant to your work
Host a one-time book club to discuss a great article or book.

Gather a group of members and do yoga in the park. Ask a yogi member to lead the class.

Submit your meetup!

Click here to fill out the form to submit your Meetup idea.

If you have questions, email us!

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