Diversity and Inclusion for Young Professionals

Ever feel like the world around you is changing rapidly and you just can’t keep up? Or maybe like the world is repeating the same things over and over, and some people are just starting to see what’s going on? 

As young professionals, most of us are used to hearing about how much we’ve altered the workforce. Not only does a lack of inclusive and diverse work environments affect the entire community, but it majorly impacts the bottom-line for businesses and nonprofit organizations alike.  Organizations that do not foster inclusive environments and encourage diversity throughout their workforce, experience a loss in productivity, absenteeism, and disengagement.  The social and emotional toll it takes on the community also impacts health and safety, education, and even development.

This training is a crash course in understanding what other factors are changing, being recognized, and still yet to come in the moving landscape of our sociopolitical economy and how you can be prepared to move with it!  Buckle up, and get ready to step up and step back.   

Our experienced training leader, Chelsey Branham, is Director of Community Equity at YWCA Oklahoma City.

Free for members, $15 for non-members. Please pay in advance online or bring cash for speedy check-in.

Due to security requirements at the YWCA, all attendees (member and non-member) need to RSVP below.



July 26, 2018 at 5:30pm - 7pm
Audrey Burro Michelle Bui Russ Tallchief Isis Palomino Evelyn Cardona Jayna Sunmugavail Amy Jenkins Emily Nicholls Debbie Eddy Brondalyn Coleman Erin Laumer Roderick Wright Erin Matejka Lauren Riepl Thomas Tran Jenefar Battle Tiffany Henley Kristin May Zachary Travers

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