How YNPN of OKC Got Me a Nonprofit Job

by Marian Cooper

In the Spring of 2013, less than three months into my first paid nonprofit job, I heard about a professional organization for newbies to the nonprofit sector. I followed up and attended my first YNPN event at Sauced on Paseo on May 14, 2013. At this first networking happy hour, I met at least a dozen other contemporaries looking to connect with their peers. I learned that the Young Nonprofit Professionals Network of Oklahoma City (YNPN of OKC) is a locally cohort of emerging nonprofit workers or those interested in breaking into the industry.

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Are Volunteering Jobs & Internships Considered Professional Experience?

by C.J. Powers, MBA, MA Originally posted at The CJ Project

I get this question a lot when I do my professional development workshops…”Will employers consider any nonprofit work or volunteer-intern work as prior experience?” The answer is yes and no. The bottom line is you NEVER know what the employer, recruiter, or hiring manager is looking for deep down. All you can do is put your best foot forward and hope that your experience and skills measure up to what they are looking for. Not to mention that it’s good to come to them with something (even if it was unpaid voluntary experience that’s related) than nothing or unrelated experience. While giving back to the community is the main purpose, it also gives you a chance to test out career options and get other valuable resources for your professional future.

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5 Ad Council-Inspired Lessons for Nonprofits on Communicating Serious Subjects

McGruffby Christipher Streeter,

If you grew up in America you are probably pretty familiar with the work of the Ad Council. By now, you know that “only you can prevent forest fires”; that “loose lips sink ships”; and that you should “take a bite out of crime.”  They tackle the heavy stuff; the big issues that affect us all. These oftentimes life-and-death issues though tend to travel under the radar, requiring a well-crafted message to grab our collective attention.
Enter the work of the advertising agencies that partner with the Ad Council. Even though the agencies change, there is a consistent voice and communication style across the campaigns. Using the Ad Council as a guide, here are five tips that you can use in communicating your organization’s somber and difficult messages.

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