Only 3% – 7% of your Facebook Fans are seeing your Fan Page Posts!

by Emily Garman
Yes, that is correct! Only a small fraction of fans actually see your posts. How can this be, you say? EdgeRank.
EdgeRank is a Facebook algorithm that determines if your fan page posts are actually seen by your fans.
Here is a quick example to prove that EdgeRank is at work on your fan page. Go to your fan page and click the “Insights” tab. After you open the Insights link scroll down to the “Page Posts” and you will see the most recent posts tracked by Facebook that you have made. Each post will list the “Reach” of each post, this the number of your fans that saw that posts. This “Reach” number will be substantially less than your total number of fans.
So how can you improve the “Reach” of your posts? You have to improve your EdgeRank!
EdgeRank measures your page’s fan “Engagement” on the page.
Engagement is “Likes”, “Comments” and “Shares”. If your number of likes, comments and shares are consistently low, EdgeRank will determine that your fans are not interested in your page posts and your post will no longer appear on your fan’s Facebook wall. A person “Liking” your page is no guarantee that they will see...